Thursday, August 9, 2012

just chillin'

That was our Thursday.   My Sweetie came with me back home again after we left the others at Vacation Bible School.     He brought Lunchables and juice boxes and apples for himself and p.j. for lunch.

Then he had Dannell buy a bag of puff corn for me because I love it.

I do love it, but usually avoid.  Puffcorn loves me back as much as I love it.  It wants to become one with me, and cling to my hips FOREVER and EVER because we just love each other soooo much.

But if a Sweetie wants to bring his grandma puff corn?   Who could refuse that?

 Then he wanted "real popcorn made out of seeds."   We got that.  Here they are sharing it on the patio.

And here they are swinging away.  That ivy on the house and some of those other trees that have sprouted  are way out of control from the heat this summer.  It's always something around this old house.

Okay, up in the tree, tied in a plastic bag, is p.j.'s poopy diaper.  I don't want poopy diapers in the wastebaskets in the house, and I can't really leave the kids to march all the way out to the garage to the trash can while I'm watching them--so over the fence they go.

Jay can tell how much our grandkids crapped by how many bundles are out in the driveway when he drives up.

Well this one?  It got stuck way up in the tree.  I let go of that throw a little late, and whoops.

So that guy took a broom and finally got it out of the tree.  Nobody really wants poopy diapers stuck in the trees over the patio.  It's an unpopular concept.

 They wanted Moo Jr.s, but all we had were these ice cream bars.  When l.c. objected, Little Jay told him, "Dude!  These are Moo SENIORS!"  Then he agreed he could probably eat it.

And then it was time to drive back to the city and return the little guy to his family and pick up the other kids again.   

It was a great Thursday, and tomorrow is Friday, and everything is okay.  Onward.   love forever, Grandma

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