Tuesday, August 14, 2012

photos from the phones

 Oh, so we have updated the phones and phone plan from years ago, and it was painful, but it's done now.

And tonight we attempted, three weeks later, to track down where the photos are. The phone photos.

 The resolution on some is a bit terrible.  That's Tim and me on a path at my inlaws about four years ago.  We've never seen this picture before.

 Here are a couple of Target shoppers from last fall?

 Now how old must this picture be? Grandpa took it while he was amusing kids while James was at band.  t.c. looks about two years old?  Four years ago?

 This was today in the sandbox.

Probably this one was taken at least a year ago.  Maybe more.

That's an old picture. Here's one from today:


 This one? This is late this afternoon.  I tackled the cupboard where the plastic containers are for leftovers.  Look at this.  We snickered that the containers have been fooling around in our cupboards--they're obviously reproducing. 


I sent home a pile with Heidi, ones that were obviously hers, probably dating back to the fire in 2010.  But others were bagged up for the rest of the kids to look through.   I sent Maria next door to slip a few ice cream pails onto the neighbor's deck.

They like ice cream pails.
 Here's today, shortly before they took a bath.

 Another old terrible photo, but the smiles are unmistakeable.

Okay. A fine Tuesday has come to an end, and now I must celebrate the ending of the evening with the typing of the invoices.

I hope you all find funny old photos in the nooks and crannies of your cell phones, and I hope  you smile, smile, smile too.  love, Val

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