Saturday, August 4, 2012

his parents

I worked a while tonight, so Jay took a few kids by himself up to his parents' house. They retired many years ago to their lake place  a couple hours north of here.

The kids had fun.

Here's Tim and his nephew t.c. overlapping on the knee boards. Good grief.

Now they're apart again. Better.


Julia and Jenny on knee boards. Jenny is Jay's little brother's child.

 Lydia, aka Kari:

Kari, aka Lydia and m.c. on  kneeboards together.

Oh, now m.c. is doing backward stunts.

 They did have a good time. I hear the food was amazing, and the lake was warmer than usual, and it was all perfect.

I have to say, it does look lovely, and I am familiar with my mother in law's fantastic cooking and also my sister in law's equally delicious feasts.   So annoying to have missed ALL THE FUN.   But Jenny, your pictures make me feel like I was there.  love you, Aunt Val

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