Friday, August 3, 2012

the first friday in august

 These are a few pictures from the little pool this week.

 This is from here, tonight.  I asked Maria what was going on with Sidney, and she said, "I'm whispering her. She's not listening!"

Hmmm.  She looks like a listener here.

Here's John and Dannell's dog.  We're watching her for the weekend.  She's so territorial about her kennel and kept growling at p.j., so I threw it out into the juniper bushes in the front. 

Then she growled about her jar of dog food. That also went in the bush for the time being.

This is l.c., My Sweetie.  This morning when they dropped off the dog, I was tired and still in pajamas and bed hair. I sat on the bottom stair by the front door, trying to get WITH life.  He tucked himself between my knees and held up three tiny little skinny fingers.

"My dog eats three things."


"Yes."  His eyes were wide and three three fingers in my face for emphasis.  "She eats dog food, bugs, and grass."

Why I find this so hilarious, I don't even know.   This bug-eating, grass-eating dog is tucked here under my chair now, against my bare feet, seeking reassurance from the thunderstorms threatening outside.

It's all good, Little Sophie. Fear not.  Your own best guy knows your diet preferences.

Tonight I went up to the corner for a hair cut and color. She talked fast and cut fast, and I was watching my hair disappear as I listened, but hair grows, right? 

It looks fine, actually.   When it come to my hair, fine is as good as it gets.

 Ahhh, but THERE is my bathwater.  Time to call this doggone day over, and what a fine Friday it was.

Good night.  Happy  August.  love, Val

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