Wednesday, August 1, 2012

sleepin' like crazy

We had the long-awaited sleepover last night.  

After his parents left, we sprawled out on the couch and I teased him, "Guess who didn't have to leave at the end of the party?"

He looked at me, "Who?"


"Yeah! I got to stay!  I just got to stay and stay!"

He slept really late this morning for himself--he's usually up at 6am.   They all piled in Tim's bed late last night sometime after I'd gone to bed, and he didn't wake up until Heidi was dropping off p.j. at 8.  

But then Tim and Julia kept sleeping and sleeping.  He tried to wake them up several times, "You guys! You don't have to sleep anymore. You can get up now."

They didn't even open their eyes, just covered up their heads.

 He came back to the living room and announced, "They're just in there sleeping like CRAZY!"

I love that description--those crazy, crazy sleepers. 

Hey Buddy, I'm so glad you're here.   love, Grandma

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