Sunday, January 25, 2015

a couple birthdays in January

 m.c.'s birthday was earlier in the month, and Jay's is now.

 So we had a party Saturday night for fun.

We haven't really all been together since Christmas time, so it was good to be together and eat and goof around for the evening.

 Here are all the ipad cousins, doing what they love to do:

 Grandpa had a lot of help with his gifts, enthusiastic people.

 Dannell's baby is going to be here any day.

 The costumes were a big hit.  Today Julia, Lydia and I went through them all and washed them and organized the whole blessed mess.  We had too many.  It was time to pare the volume down.

Eventually it was time for cake.

m.c., this has been a year of growing and change, and also confusion, and yet it's been okay too.    We hope being 15 in 2015 is a great year.  We love you, and  it was lovely to spend the evening with you yesterday.

And here's Jay with his candles:

Happy Birthday, Buddy.

It's been a long month, but we've made it to here.

We all love you a million times over.   love, Val and Everybody

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