Tuesday, January 13, 2015

vacation pictures

 The boardwalk.

 Photos from the beach, late in the day
We went on one professional tour, and this was it, snorkeling and touring a nearby town.  This is a photo of the city against the mountain as we headed out.
 The condo building on the left was our neighbor. We stayed in the flat building in the middle.

These rocks off the shore near Mismaloya are called The Arcos.   Apparently there's a 1600 foot drop off to the bottom of the ocean near them.

Okay, then. That's a long ways down.

Jay jumped in and did snorkeling. I did not want to be wet and cold.  No way.

He had fun, saw fish.

And then we hiked up this mountain, me again in my poor little gold sandals.  We were not told to wear hiking shoes  (As if own any type of shoe whatsoever helpful on a trail? NOT.).  But at the top of the trail was this very cold waterfall.

 Which Jay happily jumped into, along with a herd of Canadians.  You seals go.

 I love this outdoor washing machine.  Our kitchen dryer crapped out on Maria.

I have to call the gas company tomorrow to get that fixed on our Service Plus.

 A picture of the pristine bay in the cove near Yelapa.

 Candy? I took this picture JUST for YOU.

One of  the best things we've discovered about vacation?

Coming home again.

We are so happy to be in oiur own bed tonight in Minneapolis, ten degrees as it may be.

Happy Vacation and happy coming home again too.  love, Val and Jay

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