Saturday, January 10, 2015

pictures from yesterday

Last night internet was so slow, I went to the lobby late in the evening, trying to figure out some real estate things.   Yeah, problem solved.  Or not. At least I know what the problems are now, so that's progress.  It's just about photos and a listing, not an offer being negotiated, so it's fine.

Anyway, yesterday we went downtown and wandered around and did some shopping and we walked for miles, and it was lovely.

Puerto Vallarta is built against a mountain, so higher you get, streets from the beach, the hotter it gets.   On the boardwalk with an ocean breeze, amazing.

 That's the famous Guadalupe church.  It's very pretty with a plaza in front of it.

This was taken from the restaurant where we ate lunch, Los Abuelos or something like that. It's in a tent on the beach and honestly there is no finer January afternoon that sitting on this beach watching people fly up in parachutes and eating shrimp on a skewer.

 Eventually we made it back to the hotel.  That's our building, the flat one on the right.   It's right on the ocean, which is why I loved it so much last year, waves washing in and out, all night long.

 There's the city far away, sparkling in the sunset.

And that's the end of that.  It's been great being here, but it'll also be good to be back home again in a couple days.

love you guys, MOM and DAD

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