Sunday, January 4, 2015

january, here we are

Yes, we see her opinion of pep band. She was at a hockey game, long, cold, and boring, and she was CRACKING UP, and freezing her hinder off.

He, that guy in the photo below, went to fetch her, and his phone was about blowing up with desperate texts and messages he could not answer because a guy cannot text and drive.

Exactly James' scenario while we were sending him messages while he was at damned WORK and DRIVING HOME.    Where are you?  blah, blah, blah.  We didn't know he was at work. 

Working on family communication.


Yesterday I invited all the kids to breakfast.  "Dad's cooking. Cabin breakfast."   A bunch of them arrived after church and ate, and had fun with us. It was great.
 Tim got the video games going. The video games were very weird, and there were people flying through space, hoping for the best, trying to land on a pad in the ocean.  One attempt the flyer fell off the launching pad, fell through a structure and hit her head.  Her character did, not the actual girl.

She was so angry she LEFT the game.


These old plastic horses appeared from underneath someone's bed.  They were fun, except for a few broken legs. Horses are fragile as much as they're powerful

Anyway, it's the end of Sunday, and everything is okay.

All the holidays have cleared out, though I dragged up Christmas cookies from the freezer this morning.

Always love.  Good night, Val

Love you all, Val, aka MOM, aka GRANDMA

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