Friday, January 2, 2015

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Turned five years old this fall.

I realized it tonight.

Five years?
 I opened a Picassa web album and randomly clicked on photos in a file.

There are a lot of photos and alot of files.

I did not attempt to get a picture of everyone or everything, just want to tell you all that I love you.

All of you make all of it special and fun and worthwhile.

As individual people, and also as a huge extravagant group, a big interconnected web of relationships and personalities?

It wasn't planned with any intention, but the result is this:  None of you will ever be alone in the world.  You will always have each other.   And yes, I know you annoy one another and there are huffs, and sometimes yelling, sometimes hurt feelings and misunderstandings.   But that's okay.

It's real and true and doesn't represent a lack of love.

I see you being kind to each other's children and extending encouragement and patience to each other as parents, and I'm glad.  No smack upside the head, just courtesy and love.  This is important.

Whenever I am fed up with an adult child?  Angry.  Probably mostly feeling hurt.  The answer to that is love.  I love him.  I love her.   Okay, that's the whole story. The rest is trivial.

Onward into 2015--love drawing us all forward again..

Happy New Year!  love, MOM, aka GRANDMA.

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