Wednesday, January 14, 2015

aww, tonight

Here's a funny picture Renee took at the lake last summer.   I love it.  Desi's allergies are taking over.  The guys are giving their best smiles.

Anyway, Little Jay was here tonight and it was great to see him, hang out for the evening.  He's easy company.

This was the best part though.  He told me last week at his house one night, he shoveled the driveway.   Then he put out the trash cans.  Then he set a mouse trap for under the sink because they have a mouse dodging all around in the kitchen.

He said he stood there in the kitchen by himself and thought, "I have turned into DAD."

After I got done laughing I told him about the time John was about 25 and calling for car insurance quotes and he told me, "I thought adulthood would be way cooler than this."

Yeah, so true.

I love you Jay.  Thanks for being my kid.

Love, Mom

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