Friday, January 30, 2015


Okay, Julia is fancy.  See these fake fingernails she got at Target yesterday?   I have never had my nails done.   Not one single time.   I might file and buff them, or put on nail polish once in a while, but stick on fingernails?

Never.  Never even thought of it.

Jule has always has been this way, loves fancy things.

I have five daughters--three fancy, two not..

I am not fancy.
 Alicia and I have talked about this because she has a not-fancy mother, and a not-fancy grandma.
And yet Martha, one of her mom's sisters,  is very fancy.  Martha is just all kinds of elegant and beautiful.
Maybe it's genetic.  We don't know.

But one little girl has been born this week into the family, and two more are going to be soon.

We'll are so excited to get to know these people.

Oh my goodness.

love, Val

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