Thursday, December 22, 2016


This guy's Christmas program was on  Wednesday. It was a lovely, sweet program, prayers and songs.

He's small around this house, but among his peers he's tall!

This used to happen with Julia too. She was a shrimp in this house, but at pre-school, huge!

Here are the two of them together a few years back:

He attends the same small private school Alicia did as a kid.  His classroom is the same one as hers. Dan and I snickered about the very, very antiquated heating system.

Hey, it works, been keeping people warm for decades.

 This is a picture from tonight.  A girl turned up here for a sleepover.  Her mother sent me a text.  When I could get free from work, I found her and whispered, "You know how much I love you?"

She whispered back into my hair, busy working on an art project, "I love you too."

 She fell asleep in the puppy camp.

Okay, this?  Elin keeps tossing over her water dish.  I tried to anchor it, but it's a bowl, too round, popped right out of the bungee cord.

So I found a pan with an edge and a handle and so far, so good.   Less water flowing across the floor, more drinking water available.

I filled her dish with water and she drank so much it concerned me.  Had she been without water for hours, having spilled it all, fooling around?


Here are two puppies, separated to create some order.

Time for bed.  Love, Val, aka Grandma

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