Sunday, December 18, 2016

so cold

This is from my niece's instagram--her fiance posted this from his home about 30 miles from Minneapolis.

It's so darn cold here.

 These were taken last night after the snow.  I do love those winter nights as bright as day after a snowstorm.
 It was just lovely, noises muffled, bright sky.

 But this:
 This is about a 70 year old house.  These are the original windows, though the storms were replaced in the 1960s.

It's also a warm and comfortable home. So these poor windows have been keeping out the elements for 70 years.  I can tell when it's insanely cold out because then we have ice on the inside windows.  Maybe two or three times a year?

Today, yup.  I knew.  And these are not windows with a shade pulled down--these windows were fully warm inside the rooms.

 A college student packed up and ready to head back for Finals Week:

 There he is, eating a bowl of leftover Tortellini Soup:

Some cute people arrived later in the day.

 Kirsten!!! Home for Christmas, drove from FLORIDA!!

That dog beside her is her puppy,  Brody. He's six months old, very sweet.

 And here are bowls of tortellini soup cooling off, ready to eat.

Warmer days ahead. The severe cold is supposed to be over by tomorrow afternoon.


Love, Val

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