Sunday, December 11, 2016

christmas program, 12-11-16

 It's looking like winter here finally--a little like Christmas!

 Jay spent the afternoon driving Maria and James back to their schools.  Maria's car has no brakes.  AAA towed it to the repair shop this afternoon.  Maria took care of all those phone calls.

 We're working on housebreaking, so after she goes outside, when she comes back in--a dog treat.

She caught on to this real quick.  Run out, go, run back in, and stare at the box.

Very nice.
 She's not approved for the whole house, but the kitchen is fine.

 And this energetic soul:

 We mixed up cooky dough today and tomorrow we're baking.

Tonight was pj's Sunday School program, very nice, at the church near their house.

 The costumes were appropriately weird.

The music familiar, cute kids, Christmas Carols, the Christmas Story, very nice.

 One kid fell off the back of the risers. I missed that.

Another kid fell off the side into the basket of instruments. That scared me a little. The nearby adult popped her back onto the riser and picked up the basket.  Whew.

There was one preschooler who was a little overwhelmed and ran around like a wind-up guy rather than singing, weaving between the other kids who were trying to focus.  It was fine. There's always at least one of those kids who shouts instead of sings or is in some way distractingly goofy.

 Afterward it was cooky time, and then home to bed.

Nothing but love.  Love Grandma

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