Tuesday, December 20, 2016

the week before christmas

 Little Jay showed up here. He done took his finals and has to work and so forth, but he's also kind of living as a free man for a few weeks.

I heard his laugh from wherever I was in the house and it made me happy, come looking for him.

Here he is meeting Kirsten's six month old puppy, and his old friend, Payton.

 It's just Baby Elin, watching a friend fly by.

This whole house was in a state of severe disarray at some point.  When it quieted down, we all straightened it back out again.

 And this kid, My Sweetie, slept over and he's a wonderful sleepover guest, except he got SICK.

What a disappointing sleepover.

We agreed, he must come back again when he is not queasy and ill.

No fever.  Puked only one time. But what a crappy sleepover!

 Here's his vigorous and lively brother playing video games and trash talking his uncle, feasting on fancy sandwiches and Little Debbie.


This is Maria, hiding her face behind that of our baby.


So much love.

Nothing but love.

Val, aka Grandma

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