Friday, December 9, 2016

friday, best day of the week

It was Kari's turn to sleep in the puppy camp last night, so at 6 am when she had to get up for school, I ventured out there to sleep on the air mattress for a while.  The puppy alternated between the bed and the draft under the back door.  She sleeps like a champ.

Alicia texted me yesterday asking if she could drop the kids off while she went to the dentist?  Absolutely!  

They arrived and we put on PBS and they worked on art and played with Elin, ate granola bars and chips.  Two hours went by in a flash.

I took no pictures, but these are gorgeous ones Alicia took in the last couple weeks.

 After Alicia texted me, Joe also did--could he bring this girl to get watched for a couple hours while he went to a meeting?  Heck, yeah!

We spent every day of her life together for over a year. But Joe's a landscaper, so his work has slowed down some now that it's 12 degrees out.  He's been keeping care of her most days and I've been trying to be productive here.

I can no longer use the excuse of supervising the baby to justify watching Price is Right.

She is way into the whole puppy thing, kept hugging and kissing her, saying hi, and showing her toys.

Eventually, Elin got frisky and wild.  She jumped through the air and bit toys and our hands, demon-puppy with needle sharp teeth.

I pinched her lip in multiple times and told her no, but she was full of sass.  After five minutes in the kennel and ten outside, she calmed down and regained her senses.   She brought a big stick inside and was happy about it.

I was able to get only two pictures before intervention was necessary--the one we call Bear-Child, and this little cub of a puppy.

Okay, this is the picture from the Santa visit on Monday night.  It was taken very, very quickly because you can see, she is not having it.  She's an emotional person, but she speaks her mind. Not talking to that weird dude.

Oh, hell no.

That's fine. We're out of here.  Let Julia and p.j. talk to him. Heidi grabbed her. We're done.

The little girl took hold of my shirt with two hands and dragged me over to the air mattress to get onto the pillows with her. She's on the verge of talking and she has a lot to say.

Okay, that's enough now.

 The spaghetti is ready.  Time for lunch.

This an hour ago.

And these two will be here in a couple weeks.  It's going to be a lot of fun.

Onward to Saturday, probably the second best day of the week.

Love you all so, Val aka MOM aka Grandma

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