Wednesday, December 14, 2016

mid-december wednesday

It's been a fun week.

People get a hold of my camera.  Justin Bieber hasn't been this young in a decade.

 Here the two babies. She loves the puppy. The puppy is very enthusiastic about this and she's baby-mouthy and her teeth are so incredibly sharp.

 Her fangs were deflected with pillows.

 Yes, bite toys, not people.

We're talking to you.

 There was a sleepover. Girls worked on art all over the house.
 Bedtime!  Anyone feeling drowsy?  I am told NOT.

 The puppy, sequestered for the time being, in order to create some order.

 We finished all the baking today. These hardly qualify as baking, but they're done, and very tasty.

 Gingerbread ready to mail:

 And this.

The living room was so pretty as I headed for bed.  We used to leave the tree on 24/7.

Then in 2010, Joe and Heidi had their fire.

I shut the lights off when we go to bed. They did not have a Christmas Tree fire of any kind.  But a first-hand exposure to a fire in the home is a pretty devastating thing.  Why take chances?

 Yep, the end of the day, best spot to put down your head.

Just ask her about that.

Good night.  Love, Val

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