Wednesday, July 21, 2010

another summer day

Today I worked a bit in the morning, and then we met Julia's little friend from preschool at the park for lunch, with her mom and brothers. She has one brother who is Tim's age, and her little brother is a gorgeous hunk of baby, the most chubby luscious lips and roly thighs. (The 8 year old brother is cute too--blonde curls and big blue eyes.)

They played and LAUGHED. Julia loves to laugh and so does her friend. They were seriously LOUD. I held the baby for a long time, nibbled the edge of his ear and squeezed him, kissed the back of his neck. He's a cuddly little guy, smiled at me, big baby smiles.

Julia discovered she can do the monkey bars, her long body moving in deliberate ways that are entirely unconscious, traveling from bar to bar. There's an elegant rhythm to it, coiled muscles storing energy, a way of swinging the legs--Kari and Kirsten and James can do it too, and some of the other kids. I never could. (I've got goofy shoulders that don't support this kind of thing.)

But then after she did the monkey bars over and over, a huge, nasty blister turned up on the palm of her hand, and that bad boy has hurt all day. We've got ointment and band aids on it tonight.

We went to the little pool later--too hot in the house. I looked at all the dog hair and mess and thought, "Do I want to clean this now or go to the pool and do it later?" (Later. Sheeze. We did get it done though.)

But her hand hurt in the chlorine and she hung on my lap in the shade. Tim and Kari swam without her.

Burgers on the grill, softball for Tim in the evening. Kirsten turned up here at bedtime. Her roommates are gone and her house is scary-quiet, so she's sleeping over. (Kind of nice, I admit.) The day is done. love, Val

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