Wednesday, July 28, 2010

for real

Okay, today when we left for our trip to the little pool, Maria was busy baking friendship bread. Every ten days or so, she does this. I don't know why. We are all glad she does it though.

(She's almost sixteen. She can use the oven when I'm gone. Plus Little Jay was home, and he's an actual adult.)

The cake in the oven smelled wonderful, and there were more pans lined up waiting for their turn.

Just as we were getting to the pool the phone rang, and it was Maria. "Mom, where is the toilet brush? I'm cleaning the upstairs bathroom and I can't find it."

We don't actually have a toilet brush. We have one of those bath scrubby things tied to a handle and I keep it in an undisclosed location so it's safe.

Anyway, I explained where it was and then had to tease her, "Maria, whatever you do--don't put it in your mouth."

"Okay, Mom. I promise." After we hung up I thought, WHAT A KID.

First she's baked beautiful cakes. Then she's cleaning the damned upstairs TOILET? Where did she come from?

I'm thinking this is the kind of kid to have. love, Mom

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