Wednesday, July 7, 2010

little by little

Yeah, he's heading for college in the fall. He was born the week before I turned thirty, and we called him Baby Jay because he was our baby.

Today we opened him a bank account, which was fun, but also another step into adulthood.

He's so sweet though. He's organized and conscientious. I'm sure he'll manage a checking account without problems. (He breezed through Invisalign orthodontia--another test of organization and methodical thinking.)

Anyway, after the forms had been signed, the bank lady slid a paper over to him, "You'll want to read this. It's about avoiding overdraft fees."

There was a little flicker across his eyes. The eyebrows maybe?

I asked him, "Do you know what an overdraft is?"

He laughed, "No!"

Yeah. We explained. Costly. Avoid. Don't forget you're spending money when you swipe that little card. It doesn't feel like money. Perhaps consider carrying cash. That definitely feels like money when you spend it.

Anyway. I love him, the whole lanky sweetness of him, his big blue eyes, his patience, and the polite manners that disguise his bawdy, irreverent sense of humor.

I want him to go, you know? It's the right thing at the right time. But I also want him to stay here with us. Forever, and live with us and never leave.

This is something I told my friends about Heidi back when she lived at home a couple years ago: "Last week Heidi was planning to spend several nights with her friend Liz and I bitched at her, "I don't see why you even live at home. You're never here!" Her fiance Joe's eyes flew open and Heidi said, "My mom's having some separation issues again."

Again. I keep having them. Sigh. love, Val

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