Sunday, July 25, 2010


luring sunfish with their toes. we have not bought a fishing license and have no way of actually catching them.

a pretty tiny sandbox

This weekend was ...gosh, I don't know... there are adjectives. Superb? That one seems to work.

Oh yeah, it was so laid back, happy, and good-natured, it was hard to return to reality.

okay, this is sam, who realized we were packing,and who then sneaked out the front door and inserted herself in the car at LEAST an hour before we were ready to go. we coaxed, pleaded (actual meat was involved,) and begged her to get out and come back inside, but she wouldn't even consider it. the vehicle was in the shade, but still.

a friend of little jay's playing checkers with kari

we cooked hot dogs in the fire

and ate shrimp and watched Toy Story

a broken chair got fixed

okay, these are picture julia took of her rock families. there were two families, one on this yellow towel, and the other on my lap. i listen a lot and try not to ask questions

well, okay, this is my lap, with the rock family on it. yeah.

the three shell babies are sleeping, and the dad rock is the big one... seriously, i nod a lot. you think i'm kidding. i'm not.

okay, this the rock dad from one family, on the phone.

i can't even remember what they're doing here. my ears get tired.

kids swimming

sunfish, channeling pirhanas. JAMES was bit in the nipple this weekend, and he hated it as much as his dad and dan did

here's where they count, and re-count, going to jump together. (it's not over either of their heads here, btw.)

jay said, "they never get their numbers together." i suggested to jay that we just shove them in, but we're not actually that mean.

they finally held hands and jumped when they told them we were going home. grab yer stuff. we're leaving in 30 minutes.

And here I am with invoices to type, wasting time in the middle of the night. Apparently the fun was not over, because the friends they invited to the lake this weekend are still sleeping over tonight. (honestly, not a problem. i don't care.)

I'm informed they stayed up until 3:30 last night playing Monopoly. Wow. Glad I missed that.

This pic was earlier, basketball in the driveway. Woo Hoo, and all that.

love, Val

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