Thursday, July 1, 2010

la la la...

Today at lunch we were talking about Heidi when she was little.

She couldn't say lunch, called it, "Hunch."

Dan was five, and he and I thought it was funny. We tried to help her practice: "Heidi say la-la-la-lunch."

She'd lift her chin up and down, carefully pronouncing, "La-la-la-Hunch." Over and over we did this, and I don't think she ever got it.

Oh my goodness.

Here's a pic of them catching frogs back in the day, another July a lifetime ago.

dan's in the blue, heidi's the pink one, and a cousin in the middle

Today we've got this going on at la-la-la-Hunch:

What do you think? Maybe Grandma should sew a BOY bib for this child? All we have these days are girl ones. It's a little silly, but he puts up with us. love, Val

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  1. Funny, my aunt has a similar story about her daughter - my cousin - unable to say "light". La-la-la-yight. :) I have a few videos of the kids when they were small and I absolutely love the "dutchy" stuff they said.