Thursday, July 15, 2010

Aww, a sweet Thursday

okay, that's a half a So-Big. lookin' good, buddy.

It was hot today, but no humidity, just a fresh breeze and lots of sun.

We had b.g. here for the day, and here's the main thing to know about him: He does all his own stunts. He could get a stunt double. We have lots of teddy bears who could fill in, but no.

here's where he plays piano like beethoven...or elton john. then he forgets to hold on, and spins out and falls in the shoe pile, and maybe bumps his head, which really makes him MAD. everyone hates a bumped head. dang, that hurts. hang on,you crazy musician.

Keeping him safe from disaster is the mission of the day.

his mama pumps all this milk for her own stunt-baby

the gang in the family room

Okay, look at Tim's pajamas: the snowman shirt and the hulk shorts. swear to goodness, these pajamas are sold in matching sets. Oh yeah.

Tomorrow is Friday. Yes, it is. love, Val

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  1. That big muppet smile of his is just proof of how much he loves it at your house! Such a lucky happy boy to get to hang with you and the kids!

    They're putting in our patio right now!! (Hope that big weird machine doesn't wake up Gus from his nap) I can't wait, we will def. have to have everyone over for dinner when it's all finished. Maybe for Dan's or my birthday.