Monday, July 19, 2010

party on the patio!

Okay, way before the party on the patio, we met at the little pool for fun.

We had supper, lots of hyper kids running around, dogs, racket...opened presents on the patio, but by time for cake, the mosquitoes drove us inside.

l.c. is getting his eye teeth, so the nose runs. nevermind that. it's the eyes--his gorgeous eyelashes, wow.

back to presents:
little jay and b.g. he's tall enough to get him up to the wind chimes

b.g. and his auntie kirsten
my parents and dan and alicia--what is so darn funny?

Jay's day started out this morning with going to one son's house to investigate whether an animal was inside. (Their dog was certain there was.) He couldn't find it. More investigation is necessary.

The day ended with him going to help another son with a flat tire, and get ice for the party, and our daughter in law showed up here and slapped five boxes of garlic toast on the cupboard. (In view of the flat tire, please, forget the garlic toast. I can make some with hamburger buns from the lake.) Maria did the garlic toast with directions from her sister in law, baby on hip.

It was all good--a beautiful summer day, a beautiful evening, a very happy birthday for a great kid.

We all know THIS will be the birthday she'll remember in vivid technicolor...Koda-chro-oo-ooome, give us the nice bright colors, give us the gree-ee-eens of summer, makes you think all the world's a sunny day, oh yeah..

and no other birthday will ever be as amazing as when she turned six.... then she'll get older and reality will intrude, as it does for us all, when we find out our birthday is not an actual National Holiday...Sigh. Life is so sweet, it hurts--kind of like a Hershey bar for breakfast.

Six, where all the magic is. Oh, sweet Jule, I love you so, Mom

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