Tuesday, July 13, 2010

a week in July

Yeah, life is super-exciting around here lately. (Not. It's a mid-summer kind of week.) Actually customers have paid, and I cannot even describe how beautiful that is, to find actual money in the mail box. We get so overwrought it feels like air in our lungs, water across our gills. This is what I cannot stand about self-employment: The Misery.

When checks arrive in the mail I want to do a weird obnoxious dance around the dining room. Then I want to deposit it and pay my bills. I'm crazy like that.

And it's always the ones who are the most honest, sincere, kind, sweet, decent who rush to pay us.

Then there are the shits who make us wait, and beg, and even threaten with things like liens.


But it's July and July is sublime in a way other months never are. The days are long, hot and sunny. We don't have central air, so we have humidity in the house, curtains blowing, and thought it's mostly nice, sometimes it's just really hot.

Tonight Heidi was here and we were in the living room, and I suggested the patio, and it was at least ten degrees cooler out there, plus with room for the dogs to run around.

Okay, and some real bad kids were brats at softball with their dad while I was at a real estate appointment.

Those kids actually took a big, fat Marks-a-Lot permanent marker and scribbled on a box in the van, and a stick, and on the actual interior wall OF the van.

When their very-trying-to-be-patient dad opened the door, the fat, stinky marker fell out on his foot. Marker fumes filled the air. Marker was on things--some not important, other things a little bit maybe yes.

THEY LIED TO HIS FACE. (Not us! What?)


Terrible. Later when I heard about this, I laid on the guilt pretty thick.

What the heck?

They looked chastised, but I'm still not feeling all that sympathetic. LIARS! You did it and then LIED. And we have been nothing but nice to you people.

Ahem. Don't write on our possessions with a fat juicy permanent stinky marker and then LIE to our faces about it, okay? That's terrible.

Yes, the world's big problems, I know.

Maybe they got a cap on that oil thing yet? Talk about your guilty partners, eh?

Nevermind. love, Val

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