Thursday, September 9, 2010


Well, that's actually pink yogurt.

There's the Say Cheese smile, both of them. That blurry spot is from my fingers, apparently from the cheese string I unwrapped right before this.

And a little video for fun. Julia's eating a bowl of leftover hamburger helper heated up in the microwave. When I asked her how it tasted, she said, "It's delicious-- a little noodle-y and very chicken-ish." Okay, there is no chicken in that. I asked no further questions.

This morning he was tired, so I tucked him in for an episode of Couch Potato Grandma. That's is how I get him to sleep--get on the couch with a lot of pillows, the remote, a beverage of choice for each of us, and a blanket. He kicks back in the crook of my arm, usually with his right leg purposely dangling. And then he gets sooo sleepy watching Arthur or Ellen Degeneres or whatever, that he can't stay conscious.

So there we were this gloomy, cool morning, sacked out there dozing, and I thought of his OTHER grandma. She does not indulge in any episodes of Couch Potato Grandma. She bundles him up the stroller and walks several blocks for coffee, walks him back again, points out sights, talks to him.

(I might walk as far as the kitchen for a cup of cocoa, but whoa, no further.)

She's a slim as a teenager and she gets her grandchild out into the invigorating fresh air.

And then there's me. I felt guilty, and like the true bed-hair slug I am. The good part is that b.g. does seem to happily love us both. Awww. Happy Thursday. love, Val

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