Tuesday, September 14, 2010

yes, we wonder

Okay, so this is a plastic container that once held cheese puffs. Heidi and Kirsten had it for their party last weekend, and didn't want the rest of them, so they left this half full container of cheese puffs for the kids here.

They've been eating them and the container was in the family room empty earlier.

Then tonight I find this. Do you see what that is in there?


Tim's socks, specifically his clean ones.

I asked him WHY?

"Oh, my socks are just going to be stored in there from now on."

Wow. Okay. Glad I asked. love, Val


  1. Hahahaha! Tim is just something else isn't he? Goodness I love that kid.

  2. He thinks all different thoughts from me, lol. That's why he kind of scared me when he was small--I could never predict what he might do.

    To survey a scene for hazards meant having to see it through Tim's eyes, and that was almost impossible.

    But now you know--if he feet smell like CHEESE, this is why. love, Val

  3. So glad the tub of cheeseballs 1) are polished off (and I didn’t have to help in this task) and 2) is being put to good use! I always tried to think of something I could store in there. .Tim has beaten me to it!