Thursday, September 30, 2010

a pretty nice grandma

Yesterday in line at the second hand shop, Kari came running at the last minute with a little dalmatian puppy figurine, and as she rounded the corner it slipped out of her hands and hit the tile. She looked horrified.

Two legs broke off, not quite shattered, but in a number of pieces.

She gathered it up and people who work there rushed to take it away, but as she dumped the pieces in my hand I saw her hands were shaking.

I told them never mind. We still want it, and we can glue it at home.

So a little later we took the bits out of my pocket and Renee and I sat there trying to figure out how these splinters went together. We squinted and laughed and finally had to turn on more lights. Eventually we did figure out part of it, and glued that. It's dry now, so more bits can be glued on today.

Kari was glad to see one leg restored.

Anyway, my mom heard this story and in a few minutes came from the closet with this to give Kari.

Awww. It's way better than the figurine she dropped.

And on a sort of lonely, back to reality day after Renee left, it's been good to have this character here. He's been extra cuddly today, pretty nice.

He doesn't usually follow me wanting to be held, but today he has, and we've had a couple lovely episodes of Couch Potato Grandma. Happy Thursday. love, Val

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