Tuesday, September 14, 2010

malaprop man

Yep. It's him.

I guess people who do this just DO this, and nobody knows why. But he's one of them.

The first time he did it and made me laugh was back before we were even married. He was talking about someone with a special accomplishment and said it was a "plum in his cap."


No, no. It's a plum in the pudding or a feather in his cap. No feathers in the pudding, no plums in the caps.

His snickering response: "What are you talking about?"


Then sometime later he was telling his uncle about getting our marriage license. He said we'd had to go downtown to the courthouse and they'd put us through the rigor mortis.

Okay, no. It was a rigamarole. Rigor mortis, they did not put us through.

His uncle's eyes twinkled and he hooted with laughter, "Laid ya right out a slab there, did they now?"

Jay just scoffed, "You know what I mean."

This goes on, and he's happy to amuse, so he doesn't get offended when we laugh.

Which brings us to tonight when he was talking about a guy and said the man was "drunk off his skunk." We laughed. Yes, we knew exactly what he meant, but it's all just so kooky and so classic Jay. Plus there's the mental image that creates, hmmm, drunk off his skunk. What is that? Oh well.

Happy Tuesday, Honey. I love you so, V


  1. Ya know, I might be ready to get drunk off my skunk one day soon. I like that phrase. :o)

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