Thursday, September 2, 2010

we're doing great

Yeah, welcome to babysitting by Grandma.

Okay, b.g. arrived here early in the morning, and he and I were hanging out in the family room, watching the news.

They had a story about some little chubby two year old in Indonesia who smokes three packs a day and went to rehab to quit smoking.



The video is disturbing, to say the least, and now I have a lot of questions about a number of things.

I turned to see what b.g. was doing and there he was:


No, no, no. I made that up.

But he'd quietly tipped over my can of diet Coke on the end table and was sucking the puddle of soda.

Oh, that's cute. I mean, it wasn't BEER or something. Diet Coke has way more chemicals. Plus I can't really say how clean that table top is. It's wood. I dust it with polish, but let's not eat off there.

Oh dear. b.g. you little madman, I sure do love you. love, Grandma


  1. Lol, oh my goodness I can't handle it, that is so funny. Picturing him leaned over the table, lapping up Diet Coke, he is so ridiculous. I'm glad you get a kick out of my little troublemaker, I know he's quite a handful. ;) Hope you guys are having a good morning!

  2. Yeah, we are. He's asleep now, wore himself out.