Monday, September 20, 2010

a september weekend

It was a pretty quiet weekend at the lake.

Thursday night at bedtime, the kids were begging for this guy.

His parents are high school friends of John and Dan, and they're good natured. Even though it was almost ten at night, I called, and they said sure he could come with us.

Now do you see these two in long sleeved shirts? They were going to play with the remote control boat and only get their feet wet.

Only the feet.

Notice also the life jackets. I know them.

Okay, and there's Tim. Saturday John decided to treat them all to rides at the Go-Cart Track in town. But then Tim had no shoes. None. We realized this when he came out to the yard and chastised me, "Why'd you pack me all these socks and no shoes?"

He said in that same tone of voice he's used when I forgotten to pack him pajamas, "I have to sleep in clothes now. I hope you're happy."


We all stared at him and asked what he'd worn on his feet when we left home?



He'd walked past his own shoes in the entryway, got in the car, and never looked back. And this was not a particularly warm weekend, especially in the morning. But he didn't complain, except for the Go-Cart situation. Our friend had an extra pair of shoes along that he could borrow. At least someone knows what they're doing.

And there was this conversation--We are babysitting this guy today.

Nobody wanted to mention this to t.c., but his FATHER forgot and opened his mouth. Of course t.c. wanted to skip school and come to Grandma's house too.

That's hard because I always want him too. I mean, he's the greatest guy.

But they said no, he has to go to school. You and I know he doesn't and it wouldn't matter, and John knows that too, but he said they don't want to have to debate whether or not he's going to school every morning.

I understand. It's not a position I'd defend, but I understand the importance of peaceful mornings too.

Our little friend heard all this and encouraged t.c., "School is very important. You have to go there to have fun, make friends, and learn things."

Dan was over on the couch eating lunch, and he snickered, "Buddy, you been drinkin' the Kool Aid."

Our friend squinted at Dan and patted t.c. on the shoulder.

Oh yeah.

And finally this:

t.c. saw Jay go by on his old green motorcycle and was desperate to get outside for a ride. He said, "I thought Grandpa was going to sell that! I don't want him to sell it!"

I said, "He was, but nobody wanted to buy it. Tell him you want him to keep it. He'll listen to you. He likes you."

The child answered, "Yeah. I like him too." Happy Monday. It could be a great week. love, Val

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