Friday, September 24, 2010


This woman is arriving on a plane!

We met on a mom's email list a long time ago, and the first time she brought her babies and came to visit us, people were worried. "You met 'er on the Inner net? That's dangerous."

Because we're both very dangerous.

A couple years later, we drove out there for a vacation, and her family's been back a couple times. The most dangerous thing that ever happened was when her baby fell off the swing and hurt her nose. (This happened while we were at Target and the MEN were in charge. Yes, we rubbed that in.)

She says not to clean the house, and she does NOT want to see any tourist crap--just eat, drink a little wine, goof around, hit the second-hand stores. I can handle it.

(When we went to her house, we did want to see Niagara Falls. Tourist crap, I know, but I loved it.)

that's one of her kids in the green rain coat

Anyway, it should be a great week. love, Val

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  1. It was a great week...way too short though! R xoxo