Wednesday, September 1, 2010

a phone call

Okay, yesterday while I was in the shampoo aisle at Target, there was a call. It was James. "Hi, Mom. It's James. Denise is here."

Me: "Denise? Right now? What's going on?" (What am I doing at Target right now buying dog food and shampoo? My life is so lame. I should be at home. Grrr.)


That's an previous entry about Denise and Dan.)

James: "I dunno." (James, always informative.) I said to put Denise on the phone.

So she stood there in my living room, and she's funny. She started out with this--"Yeah, I brought back your wine bottle, and your Tupperware." Jay makes wine, and we bottle it in empty bottles of wine we previously happily consumed. Tupperware? Puh-leeze. These are plastic dishes. I haven't missed them. Plus, they've been at her house since last December.

I thanked her. I mean, who is this conscientious? Well, she is, but that's even going a bit far.


She told me the actual reason she'd stopped by, which had nothing to do with any wine bottles or Tupperware...

She's gonna be a GRANDMA!

And then she told me both her sons wives are expecting in the same month. Grandma times two. AAAAHHHHHH! Are you kidding me?

She and I go way back, and they were responsible and appropriate and had two kids, while we extravagantly and irresponsibly had ten. They've been nice to all our squirrels, from the first to the last, and then we had grand kids, and they are nice to them too while they wait for their turn.

Their turn has arrived.

Oh, yes it has. Let the party begin. love, Val

denise hugging l.c.

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  1. This makes me so happy. Denise will be such a wonderful grandma, she is one of the nicest people I have met. Such a sweet heart, so doting on her children, your children, and your grandchildren. Those two are just good people, period. No one else is more deserving.