Monday, September 6, 2010

labor day

joe and heidi cutting flower in the garden

We had a great weekend with my parents, got to see my grandma, and Saturday the big kids came. Very nice.

Some pics for fun:

the driving range behind the barn


playing dress up in the log cabin--the dark haired child is dannell's sister's daughter m.c.

t.c. at the door

on the swingset

john and great-grandma

a tractor ride

a little love

sunday morning, julia woke up crabby. even her feet look cranky from here

see what i mean?


Tim however, was not cranky at all. He was scouring the property for bear tracks and told us this half chewed zucchini was evidence bears had been there. We didn't argue. Neighbors do see bears, though I don't know that they eat zucchini.

And you know how we snicker about the way he talks? Well, this is a perfect example. He wanted to pick beans, and this is what he said to my mother while she looked for a bucket to put them in--keep in mind the deep voice and extra round vowels:

"Yes, I would like to do it, but first you must guide me to the bean aisle."

(oh yeah, much snickering--she did it, showed him where the beans were.)

And here are a few people I love. It's my mom with Kari beside her, then my grandma, Maria, and Julia perched on the rail. Onward to September then. Much love, Val

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