Thursday, December 11, 2014

a christmas gecko

 So I texted her today and asked if this was a good day to get a Christmas Gecko.

She said yes.

It was also the only day to mix up and bake a ton of gingerbread.

I wish it were ceremonial and nice, but it wasn't.  Work called, said I was on the schedule for today.

(How is this even possible?  I have never worked a Thursday once EVER.)

I wept.

Actual, exhausted tears, shed by a woman who has worked the last nine days.

They filled the schedule without me, Praise God.

And thank Kathy, who worked double, who didn't deserve this either.

 The gingerbread was baked, and we all drove across town to shop of reptile exerts who assisted Lydia in the acquisition of Lillian.

And then the child deleted the cutest picture I've had of her in a year, her beaming at her little gecko.


I don't understand.  When I realized what had happened, I cried.

I really, honestly, truly do not get it.

So, we've got your photo of an empty tank and that's fun.

 But this is Lillian with all our good wishes for her health and well being.


Tomorrow Sam is having some old-girl thing removed from her lip, etc.

Should be a blast.

The estimate is $888, and what a festive number is that?

 Kind of like the festive number of 7:30 am when she needs to be at the vet tomorrow.

Okay, good night.  love, Val

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  1. pretty! GECKO!! woo hoo, and the deletion of pics...oh myI would cry too, and lord have mercy i'm so glad you didn't have to work afterall, and poor Sam, and your wallet ;). Glad she is ok. Missing you. love you. R xoxox