Monday, December 15, 2014

another occasion or two

This morning was the preschool program. That's her in the black velvet dress in the lower right corner.  It was great.

Tonight was James and Lydia's band concert.

 That's her in the middle.
 That's him.
 Hey, I know those guys:

 This little girl was seated ahead of us and kept Julie's baby entertained.

Julie and Oly were nice enough to come all the way from South Minneapolis for the occasion, even though they had to bring an infant.
He's such a mild baby, agreeable.

He let the child play with his toes, drank half a bottle, got passed around.

 That's her second from the left, and him directly on the left below.

The concert was really nice.
They get better and better at this until they're finally, actually GOOD.

And then they go to college and never touch these instruments again.

Such a waste.  But it's mostly about lack of time.

My parents were there.   My mom and Lydia are there saying good bye.

 Oly and his grandson:

And now it's the end of Monday. Actually it's passed into Tuesday now, and I must go to bed.

What a beautiful Monday this was, in every way.


We can do it.

love you all so much, Val

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