Sunday, December 7, 2014

irrationally happy

My grandkids do this to me.    Last night I texted their parents and asked if they wanted to stop by in the morning and have lunch. 

I didn't hear back, but that's okay. If they're busy already, I'm bummed, but it was a short-notice idea.

So this morning I woke up at seven and saw still no answer, so sent Dan a text, and went back to sleep.

At 9:30 he called, "Mother are you sleeping?  Are you texting me in your sleep? What's going on?"

Anyway, they came over and Grandpa made pancakes and fried egg sandwiches, and sausage, and it was great.   Those kids actually ATE.

They were hungry for chocolate chip pancakes.
 A few minutes before I took his picture, the guy in the stripes was wrapped up in that old afghan and the other one had his arms around him on the floor.
 I said, "They're playing baby. He's hugging and loving his baby."

b.g. said, "Grandma. I'm Spiderman. It's a web."

Ohhhh.  Wow.  Well.
Here they are playing around with that hole in the living room floor.  A radiator used to be there, and the hole in the floor was left from the pipe that used to bring hot water to the radiator.

If they put their eye up against it, they can see Grandpa's desk in the office below.  Here they are putting the cord from the earphones for the electric organ down into the office.

 Kids love messing with this, running down to the office to check things out.  He's a little nervous to be downstairs alone now.   He's growing up.  A couple years ago, he'd head down there, even when the light in the stairway was off. He didn't care.

Now he does.

And this:   That's a fake hamster in a wheel next to the Dept. 56 church.

Well, yeah.   Nothing more to add.

And this picture?  No idea who took it or why, or if they even know they did.

While they were here, the younger one insisted on going outside to drive some matchbox cars in the snow.   That's great.  The dogs went out too, please go.

Then he was at the door, wanted to show me something, so I followed him over the patio to the snowbank and he showed me dog poop.

I said, "Why are you showing me dog poop?"  I thumped Sam on the back and said, "Dogs are always doing that. It's their favorite trick.  I'm going back inside."

In a few minutes, he was yelling for Alicia, had to show her something.  Just by the location and so forth, we knew.

I slid the screen down and called, "We don't want to look at poop!" and slipped it up again.

Then we laughed.  

Because kids are crazy and that's like probably the best thing about them.

There they are in a picture I stole from Alicia.

Thank you guys for making this a great day.   I love you so much my heart can hardly hold it.     love, Grandma  (and your cooking Grandpa too)

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