Wednesday, December 31, 2014

three years old, and a superb new year's eve party

We gathered at Dan and Alicia's to celebrate the Little Guy's birthday.

Kids were very wound up.
 This is where I intervened, "No more jumping on the furniture!"  They all looked at me like I'm crazy and did kind of half stop doing it.

 Happy Birthday, Mister!

 They have some very realistic looking fake food over there:

Eventually it was time for gifts. The cousins attacked them with enthusiasm, all trying to help the birthday boy out.

 And the cake, a creation of Dan's.  He used Christmas gift animals and chips to decorate.  It was an impressive sight.

 Cake time!

He had the sweetest little funny shy smile on his face while we sang.

Yes, it was a great evening celebrating a great kid.  

I kissed the top of his head as he tasted his slice of cake, and he swatted me away, so I teased him and swatted back.

Buddy, I just love you so much.

Three years ago you turned up here by surprise, quite suddenly on New Year's Eve, and we were happy to have you.

You make everything better, funnier, more special.

You were such a gorgeous, plush baby, and we nibbled and nuzzled your cheeks and ears and toes all day long, and here you have grown into a beautiful, determined little boy, and we still love you so darn much.

Thanks for being our kid. The whole family is lucky having you.   love, Grandma and Grandpa and Everybody.

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