Thursday, December 25, 2014

lots of christmas pictures

 Heidi got back from Mexico in the afternoon and came for her kid.

These guys were all we had here at home heading to church with us.  Little Jay has his own home now, and James had to work in the afternoon.

I took Little Jay his stocking so he could do Christmas morning at his place.   It's always a little weird, first year a kid isn't here on Christmas morning, but they have the right to grow up.  I respect that, unwelcome as it is.

 Here's church, beautiful as ever.

 The city was even beautiful in the fog.

 We were all at my parents for supper and a Christmas party:

 Here the little guy is playing he's having a meal of plastic food with Little Jay.

 He found his uncle hilarious.

 Here's where they were told as soon as you get all the matchbox cars out of this hallway, we'll open gifts.

 Desi, taking in all the musical Christmas characters singing.

 After we went out to the car, I ran back inside to make the host and hostess of this amazing party, including divine meatballs and two cream cheese desserts, pose for a picture.
 It was getting pretty late, but the stockings were put out.   No cookies. Sam just steals them all.

And that was the end of that.    love you all so, Val, aka MOM, aka GRANDMA

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