Friday, December 12, 2014

a friday to remember

We headed out to t.c.'s musical program where he was costumed as a St. Bernard.  That's him by the yellow triangle in the long black ears with the brown patches on his shoulders.

He was great.  He sang, and he did all the actions with enthusiasm, and when he was supposed to howl he did it.  I could hear his voice among all the others, perfect howling.

It was a great show.  We were a few minutes late, due to a car accident on the highway going into Minneapolis, and then we got there and the parking was obscene.   But we made it and were able to enjoy well over half the performance.

These guys were also there. The curly one in the orange shirt held his hands over his ears during a lot of the show. It echoes in the gym, true.

But pizza at John and Dannell's on a foggy Friday night?  Conversation with my sons and their wives?   Watching my grandchildren run around and play and make messes and scream a lot?   Yes, absolutely.  Definitely yes.

Then Heidi told me she'd been hoping to take p.j. to see Santa.

Previously she hadn't mentioned this because we were planning to be home early to pick Sam up from the doctor, but Jay stayed home to do that and fetch Kari after school.

(Sam is great. Superficial lumps removed and sent for biopsies, but no real worry over them.  $940.  So, wow.  That's kind of expensive.

I'm not complaining about the price. Things cost. It's not cheap to rent an office and staff it and provide medical expertise and all that: I understand.  We run a business too and people turn pale when they see the plumbing bills at times.  We provide quotes in advance, and so did the animal clinic.)

 So we were free to goof around at John and Dannell's, which we did.

But we ate and headed home promptly so they could get to the mall and see the jolly fat man.  Julia went along too because it's always more fun with friends.

That's  not the most confident smile I've ever seen on p.j. but she did it, and what a great night.

Now it's the end of Friday and in fifteen minutes it will be Saturday, and that's a full day too.

I love all you crazy people so much.  Love, Grandma, aka Mom, aka VAL

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