Thursday, December 18, 2014

cooky night

 We got it done, baked eight batches of sugar cookies.  Maria rolled dough and cut. I ran the oven.

 It was a fairly big mess, but we expected that and it wasn't a big deal.
 Okay, okay, okay. The first rule of cooky decorating is NO LICKING ANYTHING.

Not the bottles of sprinkles, not your fingers, nothing!  PJ!

No licking!
 Don't even ask. There was hyper-ness.

 But work also got done.
 At some point, she decided she wanted to carry a whole tray of cookies to the family room where the frosting could dry. The idea of a three year old carrying a tray of cookies with her own overly interested dog and our also overly interested dogs alongside?

Not a good idea.

Well, she got so mad she announced she wasn't decorating anymore and LEFT.

But then later, Barbies resumed downstairs, her and Aunt Julia and when it was time for bed, already a little late because of the cookies, she set up a howl.  Julia pleaded her case, "We're at the funnest part of the game right now if we could just finish that?"

"Okay, five more minutes."

The little child dried her tears so darn fast and said, "Julia, now I am happy again!" and they ran back downstairs.

Ten minutes later, she took it better in stride. Bedtime happened.

We also had a phone call from her mom in Mexico, and she did actually talk on the phone, which she often refuses to do.

Okay, now it's ten minutes into Friday, best day of the week.

Good night.   love, Val

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