Monday, December 15, 2014


Here it starts, same place it ends tonight.  Guy asleep across the bed, dog next to him.

Sunday morning was the Christmas program.  We did not participate at our old church in the city. We attended at this one much closer to home.  Tim's the tallest kid in sixth grade, last year of Sunday School.
Well, he also fainted during the program, wobbled, and then fell right over with a crash.   Jay was in the bathroom with Dan's kids and Heidi and p.j.  I ran to the front and he looked asleep, sprawled out on the rug.

Julia was shaking.  A guy rushed forward too, a medic in the army, I guess.

Nah, he just fainted.  He was pale but obviously not a code.   I shook his shoulder and talked to him for a minute and then he opened his eyes and looked so disoriented.

Church was silent for several loooong minutes. Then he was able to get up and we fled to the communion room off the altar.

Lord have mercy.
We came home for Grandpa's handmade pizzas and some time playing with the magnificent Barbie house and the Legos.

Some Scooby Doo Zombie movie played in the background.
That little curly one always wants his mother.  Well, since they left him with us today and went Christmas shopping, he sat on MY lap during church.  I got to breathe in the scent of his hair and cuddle his little ribs.

He actually talked to me.

I loved it.

That's b.g. hanging on the railing, trying to talk his cousin and brother into something different than what's happening.

He's fairly hilarious.

Snowman ice cream!

Anyway, it was a great Sunday, all in all.

love, Grandma, aka Val

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