Wednesday, December 31, 2014

the pool today

Yeah, it was -6 degrees F when I received notice from Alicia that they were taking the kids swimming for the Little Guy's birthday, if we wanted to come too.

This was yesterday evening--thank you for almost 24 hours notice to psych up--as much as the kids LOVE all this, I detest being cold and wet and in a bathing suit in the winter.

Or the summer either, for that matter.

But we went and it was balmy inside.

 There's the birthday boy, three years old.

 Dan was there too, and also pj came along.

We had lunch at the tables in the snack bar and then back to the pool for FIVE MORE MINUTES before we had to leave, and yes there was some hollering and so forth, but it was fine.

Onward!  We have to get home or we'll never get to the party tonight!    love, Grandma

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