Tuesday, August 3, 2010

august already

Summer always goes by in a flash, and this one is the same.

this was a fine snooze on the couch. we have no idea why julia is wearing a winter hat on a 90 degree day.

these little toes were made for kissing

look how happy he is--just animal noises. he's easy to amuse.

At one point I was folding clothes and realized there he was in the walker, contentedly eating puffs, and Maury Povich was on, people arguing miserably about PATERNITY TESTS. There was cryin' and stuff. Yeesh, Gah, they're breaking my heart, dumbness and sorrow. I changed the channel back to PBS. Good LOR-ed.

But Martha Speaks? That's no less painful than Maury. And that bald kid Caillou? Don't get me started. But the baby! They're both way better for the BABY. This isn't about me. If it were, I'd just switch back to Hardball.

The humidity today was tropical. In the afternoon we fled to the little pool.

we forgot his hat, so he has way too much sunscreen in his hair

Yeah, august--hot beautiful august. love, Val

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  1. The winter hat seriously made me LOL. SO much like something my Girl Child would do!