Sunday, August 29, 2010

b.g. is ONE

Here's the note I sent my friends the morning he was born:

"The baby was born at 2:32 am! Dan called at 3 am and said to come at 5, so we went to the store and bought flowers and balloons and cookies and were there by 5:10.

Alicia had a fast, straight forward labor and everything turned out just as they'd hoped. So we all sat there grinning, holding our new grandson as the sun came up.

His name is b.g. and he weighs 9 lbs 11 oz, 21.75" tall. His middle name is my dad's father's name. We're awfully giddy this morning. love, Val"

We spent this evening celebrating his birthday at a park near a lake not far from here.

It was beautiful, though windy and hot, good company, great food, lovely boy.

His rowdy cousins were there, all the relatives, very fun.

b. g. and his maternal grandma's mom--his great-grandma, sylvia

trying to light candles in the wind

still working on it

In other news, we dropped Little Jay off at his dorm at the university this morning. It's all good. James came along to help, which was really nice. The roommate seems the usual pleasant nerdy-normal type, and Jay seemed content. They were about to rearrange the room when we left. Sigh.

How all these hungry mosquitoes ended up in this room, I do not know, but it's time to turn on the lights and begin elimination. It also smells like fresh marijuana smoke in here. Good Lor-ed. I'm going to shut the windows and turn the a/c back on. We have a neighbor who does this in the evening, God bless him. her?

James just came in here asking, "What is that ratchety smell?" Okay, that' s an interesting adjective. I teased him, asked if he's smoking dope up in the room. "Me? What? No!"


Onward to bedtime. love, Val

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