Thursday, August 19, 2010

there's an upstairs? woo hoo!

b.g. has never been upstairs before Maria took him up there today.

He LOVED it up there. His eyes were huge, darting around at all the stuff to get into. I gotta get dooooowwwn!

Let me at this Barbie house! I love this house!

Oh yeah, he's going to be a lot of help with the decorating. Here he's just dumped the two babies out of the crib.

We had this going on up on the roof:

Later he slept for a couple hours on the couch.

Before lunch I came around the corner too fast and saw this on the floor. I winced back and did a little tiny scream. Good grief, it's a dog toy, but eeew. Then I laughed my head off and showed Maria. Sheeze, this house. Looking at the photo now kind of grosses me out again.

Oh yes, may all your dead rodents in the living room be nothing but fake. love,Val

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