Wednesday, August 4, 2010

dog hair in the freezer

Okay, a long time ago when I was very young I babysat for some people who did not keep house well at all.

It was disgusting. The bedrooms looked like clothes bombs had exploded. Dirty dishes were all over the kitchen. Everything felt sticky, even the living room couch.

But the thing that totally freaked me out was the dog hair in their FREEZER.


I was even pretty righteous and judgmental about it.


Yes, well.

Tonight was the night I finally had to defrost our freezer in the kitchen. The fridge is a 1958 model, a good fridge. Reliable. But it builds up frost and when it's a glacier in there, then I must deal with it.

Look at this:

Dog hair in MY freezer.

Yeah, now I'm that lady with the disgusting dog hair in the freezer.

The freezer has been dealt with. The dog hair is gone from it.

Sam's a special dog and dearly loved, but she's a mess. A Newfoundland in the house is difficult, worse than all the kids combined.

Anyway, here are some pictures we'd rather look at. The water was fine at the little pool this afternoon, and kitty cat on piano makes me smile. love, Val

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  1. I had to laugh out loud when you mentioned that your dog is a Newfoundland. I had a Newfie until I unfortunately had to give him up 5 YEARS ago. I still find his hair in my stuff from time to time and we have moved 3 times since then. lol Their hair is infectious & I swear it multiples on it's own.

    I need to go defrost my upright freezer, I thought I saw a tuft of cat hair in there the other day. Ack! lol