Sunday, August 22, 2010

an easy weekend

The kids brought friends to the lake, and also our niece. The weather was beautiful. It was a very good time. Others will be at the lake in the weeks to come, but we won't be back for a month or more, so glad we made it there one more time in August.

swimming--that basketball thing was a birthday gift for Tim, pretty fun

cooking in the fire

playing cards and eating shrimp

the highly technical chart created for the pickle ball tournament

they took turns being line judges

then a soccer match

And of course, what's life without caterpillars? Is this one albino? Or it's supposed to be white like this? They played with it a while and wanted to keep it, but I convinced them to let it go in the woods. They had a hard time finding a spot where they felt sure no birds would eat it, and no tree would fall on it.

And this: We need a new roof, and yet we were laughing at this lovely roof garden we didn't even know we had. Yeah, ugh. That's real cute.

And finally--Happy Birthday to the most generous, patient sister in the world. The kids all say this: "She'd do anything for us," because it's true. The times she's come through for us are too many to count, and we are smart enough to know how darn lucky we are.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart, and best wishes for a wonderful year. love, Val

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