Tuesday, August 24, 2010

a strangely popular toy

This is some Barbie contraption we've had for years. It's this flip thing and swatches of fabric. See how she's putting it the fabric across there?

Then flip the top down and voila.

Other swatches make other outfits.

This toy is not just used by the girls. The boys, even big teenage boys create outfits and goof around with it. I gave one of these to a friend's daughter years ago and her kids played with it by the hour too.


It's like how kids will play with a cardboard box until it falls apart. Who knew this little trinket would be so entertaining? We haven't even seen one of these at the store in ages. Maybe one would turn up in a second hand shop? Buy it if it does. You won't be sorry. love, Val


  1. Funny. I remember seeing something like that (not barbie) at a Discovery Toy party years back and thinking, "20 bucks for that stupid thing?" Who knew?

  2. Yeah, I don't remember this costing anywhere near $20 either. I think it was closer to $10. love, Val